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So, there you are with your website full of your amazing products, all at fantastic prices and you wait for the money to roll in. You wait and then you wait some more, but the truth is, no matter how good your site or your merchandise is, if people can’t find you they can’t buy anything from you.
There are two ways to get people to see your website: spend a fortune on advertising: either on the Internet with Google Adwords or similar and on TV (just look at TV, how many of the adverts are for websites?) or get your site on the first page of the search engines, organically, for your chosen search terms. It really is as simple as that.
I assume, because you are reading this, that the ‘advertising on TV option’ is a non- starter. So you are left with two alternatives: Adwords (or similar) or Search Engine Optimisation. Adwords use a ‘pay per click’ format, so as soon as your daily budget is used, you can’t be found till you pay some more and if you stop paying, you stop being found. With SEO you know before you start the total costs involved and all research shows that Internet shoppers prefer organic links over sponsored ones.
We have many customer sites at Number One in Google, some for as many as 80 of their chosen search terms, some others are totally focused on just one search term, and many more in between the two extremes.
What is the cost of the SEO service? To establish the answer to this very important question we need to know a little about what it is you want: for example do you have an existing site? What keywords or phrases do you want? When we have these answers, we will be able to assess, very accurately, what exactly we must do to achieve your goals and will be able to give you an exact cost for the service you require.
We will be very happy to give you as many examples as you like of our search engine optimisation work. Please just ask