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We have been working, very successfully, on SEO or Search Engine Optimisation for over seven years.

The question we always get asked is this: ‘Why don’t you have a site of your own on the first page of Google’ ?

The truth is, we do: we have several sites of our own, all at number one in Google and they do very nicely, thank you very much. Until now though we didn’t have a site advertising our SEO work for the simple reason that we were always busy enough with the work we got via recommends from existing customers. Times change and business is more difficult to come by, so we made the decision to actually put up a web site and tell potential customers about our SEO, Search Engine Optimisation abilities. That is the simple truth: the good times are over and we need to fight for all the business that is out there.

If you are an online business we will optimise your site to increase its rankings with major search engines. This will drive targeted online users to your site, as well as attract new users through the use of relevant keywords and phrases. Not only will we help you gain those higher rankings, but maintain your status through continual management and support. Even if you have an established web site we can still increase your ranking dramatically. If you want a new web site we can build it so that it is fully optimised for Google and the other search engines.

These day, with so many more people searching for local services and products on their laptops and smart phones it is essential to have a web presence. So if you are a plumber, MOT Station, hairdresser or carpet shop or one of hundreds more local tradesmen, services or retailers you need these customers to find you: where will they find you? On the first page of Google of course.

So if you manage an Online Business or an Offline Business or Trade and you need or want more customers, more sales and want to make more profit and f you want a web presence which is on the first page of all the major search engines, such as Google , Yahoo , Bing etc. and a first page presence on Google Local and Google Mobile: then please read on........

To see if we can help you (we cannot engage with two similar businesses in the same locality: how can we make two plasterers in Chester both number one in Google? We can’t, so we operate a ‘first come - first served ‘ policy)

Please fill in the Contact Form giving us as much detail as possible.

As well as SEO, Search Engine Optimisation we provide many othe web related services such as hosting and web design.


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